Nord Est 43°10°

The Mapping Location of Well-Being

In the heart of the Tuscan countryside at the geographical mapping location of 43.52 degrees North and 10.62 degrees East, grow the olive trees where extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olives and which is then used to make the cosmetics of North East 43*10*. Obtained by cold-pressed extraction from the olives of the Moraiolo variety which are freshly picked, this is an oil with a very low acidic content, very rich in vitamins and fatty acids similar to those found in the human skin.

Facial Cream:

A moisturiser which elasticises the facial skin.

In synergy with precious plant oils which have been grown organically, extra virgin olive oil and extracts from olive tree leaves help to reinforce the skin’s cutaneous barriers and refresh the hydro-lipid film, bringing moisture and elasticity to it. Thanks to the anti-oxidising effects and the free anti-radicals which protect the skin against outside agents, it is possible to fight the frailty of capillaries and slow down the physiological process of ageing.

Hand Cream:

Regenerating treatment and protection for hands and nails.

Regenerating and protective treatment made up of a formula based on extra virgin olive oil, extracts of olive tree leaves and pure plant oils. It is quickly absorbed by the skin without any greasiness and it makes the hands feel soft and moisturised, it reinforces and makes the nails shine. Apply several times a day massaging until it is completely absorbed.

Body Lotion:

Moisturising and stretching treatment for the skin of the body.

Moisturising and stretching treatment for the body made up of a formula based on extra virgin olive oil and extract of olive tree leaves. Thanks to its innovative formula, enriched with oil of vines, almond oil and Shea butter it nourishes and regenerates the tissues and protects the skin from redness and irritation fighting capillary fragility and improving micro-circulation. The formation of a protective thin film over the skin has a synergetic effect and by means of the jojoba oil and other plant extract oils, slows down the loss of trans-epidermal water, preventing cutaneous dryness.

Delicate Exfoliation:

Delicate Exfoliation for the face and the body made up of a formula with granules.

Based on a formula of olive pit granules and extra virgin olive oil, it smoothes, softens and renders the skin of the face and body to feel like velvet, removing the impurities and favouring micro-circulation. Apply to the skin while wet or dry twice a week. Massage with circular movements and gently splash with water to rinse.

Our Programme

To combine nature and research

North East 43*10* has been founded because of the wish to combine nature and research, the active ingredients of tradition as well as innovation. Extra virgin olive oil has been used since antiquity for its cosmetic benefits and skin-protecting properties. We have made use of it in a way which takes advantage of all of its potential, mixing it with organically produced plant oils and transporting these assets through the skin membranes by way of the plant oil carriers extracted from sunflower oil.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to be careful with our well-being and with nature which surrounds us.

All our products are 100% natural, and contain only original plant ingredients which are ecologically certified or come from organically grown sources. The packaging is completely re-cyclable and the paper used is partially recycled and partially from forests which are sustainably managed and certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

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